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Modern Movement is a carbon neutral carpet plank collection designed by Milliken

MODERN Movement is a carbon neutral carpet plank collection designed by Milliken’s inhouse designers Kathryn Tyms and Helen Lloyd and manufactured in the UK. The collection is made up of two designs: ‘Crossing Lines’ and ‘Simple Lines’ inspired by the mid-century Modern Movement (characterised by clean lines, angular structures, minimalistic aesthetics, and simple forms). This influence is seen in the geometric shapes and asymmetrical compositions, clean simple lines forming contemporary patterns of Modern Movement.

There’s a criss-cross effect across the floor plane – a streamlined aesthetic, combined with luxurious and rich dimensional texture. ‘Crossing Lines’, designed by Milliken’s Kathryn Tyms, takes inspiration from the rules of mid-century Modern design, the resulting pattern is a high-end multi-layered graphic design mixed with an organic texture.

Says the company: ‘The partner design ‘Simple Lines’ designed by Helen Lloyd has a refined simplicity, continuous textured lines, muted tones, and soft textures. The multi-tile design softly unfolds across the floor. The collection is printed using Milliken’s unique patented technology Millitron. There are also four vivid colour pops for each design offering the ability to create zones and highlighted areas.

‘Modern Movement with Milliken’s premium Comfort Plus cushion backing has particularly impressive acoustic properties, absorbing up to 60% more ambient sound than hardback carpet, reducing impact sound by up to 40% and increasing wellbeing and productivity. Unwanted noise in the workplace is a significant contributor to stress, fatigue, illness, and absenteeism.’

The company continues: ‘Further, Modern Movement with cushion-backing reduces leg muscle fatigue by up to 24%, eliminates moisture mitigation and extends the longevity and appearance of the carpet. Modern Movement is available with TractionBack 2.0 – a sustainable backing that offers a practical and environmentally responsible installation system.

‘Modern Movement has the following certifications: Cradle to Cradle Silver, TUV, EPD, CRI-certified. It’s an M/PACT Carbon Neutral Collection with 60% recycled content by product weight.’

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