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The Queen (of Flooring) visits Battersea Power Station

LOUGHTON Contract’s sales director and CFA board member Beverley McFarlane recently got the opportunity to check out the Loughton team’s progress at Battersea Power Station Phase 2, London’s most iconic residential development.

Beverley was heavily involved in the tender process for this project, Loughton Contract told CFJ, and this was the first opportunity for her to tour the former power station since the contractor commenced work after two years.

With the apartments in Switch House West and Switch House East now completed there was a stark difference to the last time she visited site.

‘It’s not until you set foot inside this amazing and historic building that you truly appreciate the size and magnitude of this development project,’ she said. ‘It’s so great to see it all coming together.’

The Loughton Contract’s team will shortly complete the 270 residential apartments which will see more than 26,000sq m of engineered timber flooring installed.

With high profile residents now starting to occupy the space and the retail element nearing completion, it won’t be long before the power station opens its doors to the public.

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