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Välinge to ‘shake up hardened wood flooring sector with latest innovation’

VÄLINGE Innovation UK says it’s rewriting the rules on engineered wood flooring, introducing the Välinge Flooring Brand to the market this year.

The company’s new range of hardened wood products features the technologies of Woodura and 5G Dry, representing the next generation of what it describes as highly innovative engineered wood floors. Woodura is a patented surface technology which gives outstanding durability and is also highly sustainable.

5G Dry is a premium water-resistant fold-down system which is unique among hardened wood flooring products on account of its ease of installation and its water resistance.

‘Välinge is already well-known on the UK and Irish markets,’ says Simon Darbyshire, who has joined the company as general manager. He brings 30 years’ international management experience in the wood-based panels sector to the business, including 14 years as managing director of the UK subsidiary of the multinational manufacturing corporation Pfleiderer, specialising in branded wood-based panels.

‘Many of the flooring products sold in the UK today feature our innovative installation systems such as 5G fold-down,’ he says. ‘We’re now once again able to offer something very new to the market with this range of finished hardened wood flooring products in XL and XXL sizes.’

The company says the new hardened wood floors are made with oak, ash, and walnut from sustainable timber sources of timber with FSC certification. It adds that the ‘unique Woodura technology makes the manufacturing process much more efficient and environmentally friendly in terms of timber usage than traditional processes’.

‘The patented Woodura technology involves the fusing of a thin sheet of real wood with a wood fibre core through a powder mix layer,’ says Simon Darbyshire. ‘Compared to traditional wood flooring, the durability of the wood wear layer is massively increased, and our hardened wood floors use timber much more efficiently.’

The use of patented 5G Dry, Välinge’s fold-down locking technology, prevents water from penetrating through the joints between the panels. No other engineered wood flooring has the overall capabilities and product specifications offered by this new range, which makes it unique on the market.

‘High durability, water resistance, XL and XXL sizes, ease and speed of installation, all combined with environmental benefits, mean that these new products are already receiving a great reception in the market,’ says Simon Darbyshire. ‘The ‘Made in Sweden’ label is also seen as highly positive here in the UK, in view of the country’s longstanding reputation for environmental sustainability and product quality,’ he adds.

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