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Osmo UK | Commitment to quality

OSMO UK has introduced a range of tools to its portfolio of products, including a System Telescopic Handle. The assortment of tools aims to aid users in creating a premium finish to their Osmo projects and ease product application.

Osmo’s new offering of tools includes a selection of brushes, rollers, scrapers, mops, pads and machines.

Whether users are looking to preserve the natural colour of the wood, add a subtle washed effect or highlight the grain of the wood itself, Osmo says there is a tool for it all.

The company claims whilst protection is assured, the results will also be aesthetically pleasing.

“It is important to Osmo that our products offer a premium and high quality finish and that we are consistently achieving a high level of customer satisfaction.

Osmo’s products are high in viscosity and have a thick consistency to ensure the finish is applied thinly and spread evenly.  These tools are made from aluminium and are designed to be long lasting.” says Steve Grimwood, md of Osmo UK.

The Osmo System Telescopic Handle is a universal attachment for the full assortment of application tools. The same handle can also be used in conjunction with the cleaning tools.

Osmo tools are claimed to be easier than ever to use, thanks to the quick-connect technology that allows for the attachment of the telescopic handle and the SoftTouch grip.

The adjustable length of the handle allows users to extend the brush, in order to apply Osmo product on floors, decking and hard to reach areas. The handle connects to the joint with a secure fitting and has an adjustable pole which can be extended in length.

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