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Osmo UK | Transform a house to a Chateau

ECO-FRIENDLY wood and finishes company OSMO UK presents Esco Chateau, smooth oak flooring pre-finished with Osmo Polyx-Oil to protect and enhance the appearance of the wood. Chateau has artistic knots and grains, complementing a range of current decorative trends and interiors.

Esco’s Chateau flooring range is available in eight colours, including black, tobacco, stone grey and natural. As a premium wood finish, Osmo is designed to keep wooden surfaces in top condition. It is a water-repellent and tread-resistant wood finish based on natural ingredients.

Offering further personalisation, Chateau flooring is supplied in a choice of two grades, Original and Elegance. Original grade is suitable for interiors that want to retain the natural look. Complete with hand-filled, sanded knots, the flooring brings the rustic nature of the wood to life.

Elegance grade provides a sleek, elegant look, reducing knots to a minimum. Esco is available in both solid and engineered (two-layer and three-layer) parquets and can be supplied in a selection of thicknesses, widths and lengths. Production capacities can handle both small and large orders with a delivery time of approximately four weeks.
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