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Parador’s new range combines furnishing trends and technical innovations

FOR more than 25 years, laminate floors from Parador have, the company says, stood for first-class quality, innovative technology, and exceptionally genuine looks. In 2021 Parador is presenting a new, design-oriented range that it says combines current furnishing trends and technical innovations. The new, clearly structured product range is, says Parador, complemented by the ‘Hydron’ product line, which promises laminate flooring without compromise.

‘Elaborate use of technology, continuous improvement and contemporary designs set the 36 new floors in the Basic, Classic, Trendtime and Hydron 600 product lines apart, which you will want to touch, feel and experience,’ says Parador.

‘With the new ‘Hydron’ collection, Parador shows off particularly water-resistant laminate flooring that can also withstand challenging room situations. For Hydron 600, Parador’s product development team worked intensively on optimising proven components to prevent water ingress: in addition to the water-impermeable top and bottom surfaces, an extremely low-swelling HDF core board and the highly hydrophobic special lacquer on the bevel in combination with a particularly tight-fitting click system herald a new laminate flooring generation from Parador.’

The company continues: ‘The same still applies in 2021: authentic design cannot be more convincing and attractive. The new decor developments borrow the best from nature and bring the most beautiful designs and woods into the home in a way that conserves resources. The trend towards naturalness thus continues unabated and is particularly reflected in warm colours reminiscent of honey, warm smoky tones, and fine wood. In combination with synchronous surface textures, the floors display a unique authenticity.’

With the five new ‘Iconics’ decors, Parador says it creates top designs of iconographic strength, embedded in the existing product lines. The new laminate flooring, ‘Hygge Iconics’ – named after the Danish word for cosiness and security – reportedly brings the Scandinavian way of life to the floor with a combination of traditional mineral building materials and tiles in various formats, bright and accentuating warm colours and historically charming patterns. It’s described as a floor for a cosy home with Nordic flair.

Parador says: ‘The Iconics ‘Multiplank Mix’ designs in the colour combinations ‘natural’ and ‘antique’ combine several current interior trends at once: the decors’ play of colours encompasses different nuances, which gives the floor a particularly natural look reminiscent of real wood. In combination with the trendy herringbone installation pattern, this laminate flooring radiates the highest elegance.’

Meanwhile, modern, abstract, colourful – ‘Nishiki Market Iconics’ is Parador’s reminiscence of Japanese design culture, says the company. ‘Different tile textures and patterns appear to be combined at random, complementing and overlapping each other, neutralising each other and yet ultimately forming a harmonious interplay of shapes and colours. The result is an incomparable laminate floor that occupies the space.’

Parador says its laminate floors combine ecological aspects with the demand for high-quality and environmentally friendly products. This includes ecological production as well as sustainable processes and certified materials. Parador adds that its laminate flooring doesn’t contain added PVC or plasticisers. In addition to the ‘Blue Angel’ seal of approval, all laminate floors – now also in the Basic range – have PEFC certification.
Parador says its products underline the company’s attitude of always being genuine, innovative, and ambitious.

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