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Lionvest on social media

2019 has seen a major investment and overhaul of our website, now giving our customers a much more user-friendly experience, from being able to easily locate the products they want and having comprehensive information at their fingertips, to showcasing fantastic new product launches and a complete list of supplementary services on offer. You’ll find an extensive product range with improved photography to help you make decisions on the products you desire.

Naturally, our friendly and professional Sales Team are always ready to take your phone call should you not be able to find the product you want, or you simply need further information or a bespoke item.

We don’t mind admitting we’re fairly new to the world of YouTube in terms of establishing its use as a viable outlet for showcasing our products, but we’ve already seen the success it has brought us with and with such ease, and we recognise the necessity to expand on this, especially with the meteoric rise in YouTube app subscribers.

In 2020, we look forward to incorporating more of our product ranges and also being able to show how some of our new or more popular flooring products look once fully installed, as well as being able to offer advice and maintenance instructional videos.

The world of flooring is never stable for long and there are always new ideas, products, innovations, special offers and price updates that we need to in-form our customers about.

We’ve found that by utilising MailChimp, it gives us the right tools to get our all-important messages across to our customer base in an easy and timely fashion.

It also ensures we adhere to the strict privacy laws, by including an unsubscribe link in every email, something that sadly, not all companies are adhering to these days.

MailChimp also offers us various types of analytical tools to show successful mail deliveries and open rates, so that we can track how successful our campaigns are. Contact our Sales Team if you wish to sign up for our mailing list.

LinkedIn has proven to be an exception-ally valuable social networking opportunity, allowing us to reach out to business buyers and connect with professionals in general. Getting our message into the B2B marketplace as well as showcasing new products and case studies. It has also brought not only significant success in driving potential leads and sales, but has gone a long way in demonstrating our trusted reputation as a market leader with over 20 years’ trading experience in the importation and supply of wood flooring and sheet materials from all over the world.

LinkedIn has also given us a valuable insight into popular trends as they arise in different parts of the world, and therefore the opportunity to bring those to our shores.


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