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‘A modern tradition from Granorte’

BRINGING what it describes as the unmistakable look of classic cork floor tiles, Tradition from Delivering Nature by Granorte features four striking new designs.

Says the company: ‘With archetypal looks such as Classic and Twist as well as contemporary designs like Expression, Fineline and Canyon, Granorte’s Tradition floor tile collection is ideal for bringing the natural style of cork into commercial interior schemes. Now with the addition of Segment, Primus Black, Crust and Blend, Tradition has four new looks to bring cork’s unmistakable aesthetic.

‘From the high-contrast bark-like formations of Primus Black to the concrete-like Crust and tiled effect of Segment, each design offers a unique and subtle take while retaining a natural cork look. Using agglomerated cork or a cork veneer mated to a high-density cork backing, they are made from 85% natural cork and are biodegradable and recyclable.’

As a flooring material, cork is reportedly an excellent option, offering walking, acoustic and thermal comfort because of its natural structure. Water-resistant, the natural finish tiles need sealing to provide maximum durability in use and to prevent staining.

Paulo Rocha, Granorte, said: ‘Tradition remains close to the classic cork tile we’ve been making since 1973. It’s a collection that references cork flooring’s long heritage and which retains a high natural cork content, but that also gives designers depth and versatility in the final look of their floor. For designers wanting to stay close to original cork flooring, Tradition is a great choice bringing cork’s unique natural look with the quality and consistency of modern production.’

The Tradition collection is made in Portugal by Granorte, a family-run company that’s celebrating 50 years of innovation in cork.
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