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‘A strong foundation’ with new Bona Primer UX

FOR many years, Bona says, it’s been offering a full range of premium primers, all designed to match the various Bona lacquers. Now it’s adding the new Bona Classic UX to the primer family with what it describes as an enhanced user experience.

Says the company: ‘The new Bona Classic UX has a fast-drying time of only one to two hours meaning abrasion and top-coating can start earlier than before. It’s also easy to apply with great filling ability that evens out the wood surface, creating a strong adhesion to the wood and the topcoat securing a long, durable floor life.’

The company adds: ‘Offering easy abradability with minimal grain raising owing to its balanced viscosity, Bona Classic UX minimises the need for abrading, speeding up the process even more. With a forgiving application with even coloration and low tannin reaction, the Bona Classic UX leaves a natural light wood coloration that remains over time.’

Bona Classic UX can be combined with all Bona lacquers to reach the floor’s full potential, says the company. ‘Depending on desired sheen and durability you can create a stunning, long-lasting floor surface with a spectrum of design possibilities – from a full gloss floor to a true raw wood look on the floor demand.’

‘Bona Classic UX is a fantastic product to work with and with its easy abradability, fast drying time and an even colouration the user-experience has really improved,’ says Tony Peak, professional sales manager at Bona. ‘And when combined with eg, the ultra matt Bona Traffic HD Raw, it delivers that trendy, natural-looking wood floor, requested by many home and commercial floor owners today making it.’
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