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‘A truly water-resistant engineered wood floor’

BIO Composite Wood is described as the latest innovation from Adore Luxury Flooring: ‘a truly water-resistant engineered wood floor’.

Says the company: ‘Combining the natural beauty of a real wood veneer with a PVC-free composite core, Adore BIO Composite Wood is a 100% water-resistant floor*. One of the world’s first water-resistant floors to use real wood, BIO Composite Wood is a ground-breaking innovation set to take the market by storm.’

The company continues: ‘Yet, it’s not just the floor’s ability to fight off water that’s notable. Its BIO composite core is a patented technology that eliminates PVC and harmful VOCs from its construction, while retaining excellent stability under thermal and atmospheric changes. In use, BIO Composite Wood is just like a rigid SPC core floor – water- and heat-resistant, dimensionally stable, rigid and with 5G click fitting – but it offers a more sustainable construction from its FSC-certified wood-based core. The floor can also be chosen with an integrated cork underlay to improve acoustics and speed installation. BIO Composite Wood is also available with a standard rigid SPC core.’

It adds: ‘Through a decorative wood veneer, protected with UV oil or UV Lacquer coatings depending on specification, the floor is offered in a choice of attractive natural woods. Oak, hickory, and walnut all bring the originality of genuine materials in a range of tones. From the pale grey of Virginia Oak through to the richness of Tennessee Walnut, the collection proves there’s little to match the warmth of real wood. BIO Composite Wood can also be supplied in customised finishes including maple, teak, and eucalyptus species as well as wire-brushed oak, walnut, and hickory.’

In the company’s words, Adore Bio Composite Wood delivers ‘technical innovation’:

  • 100% water-resistant engineered wood floor
  • Stable under thermal and atmospheric changes
  • PVC-free, rigid bio-based core from FSC certified wood materials with 5G click technology
  • VOC-free
  • Anti-microbial protection
  • Integrated cork underlay for better acoustics and easier installation

    The company says Adore Bio Composite Wood delivers ‘natural beauty’:
  • Real oak, hickory, and walnut veneers
  • 19 genuine wood looks as standard
  • Extra-matt UV oil and hardwearing UV lacquer finishes
  • Maple, teak, and eucalyptus woods to order.

Paul Brady, ceo, Adore Luxury Flooring, says: ‘The development of BIO Composite Wood marks a significant point in the evolution of flooring. First, we’ve made wood flooring 100% water-resistant and this is a major move forward. Second, we’ve been able to take all the performance and stability advantages offered by the latest SPC floors and recreate this in a wood-based core that’s free from PVC and VOCs. The result is a high-performance floor that performs better than normal wood flooring and that’s more sustainable than PVC-based rigid and SPC products.’

The company concludes: ‘Such is the performance of BIO Composite Wood it can be used in commercial environments. With a Class 31 wear-rating under EN 14354:2017, the floor is suitable for light traffic commercial applications. Of course, it can also be used throughout the home.’
BIO Composite Wood is now available from Adore Luxury Flooring.
*Achieving Class 33 in accordance with ISO 24336:2005

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