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‘A wide collection of profiles for the perfect finish’

FLOORWISE has what it describes as a wide collection of profiles so whether you’re working in wood, LVT or carpet you can achieve ‘the perfect finish’.

Says the company: ‘From the in-demand Zenith wood, laminate, and LVT profiles to the premium Max Reflections range and the best-selling Classic, floorwise trade counters across the UK and Ireland provide retailers and installers with great value profiles ready to tackle any onsite finish requirement.’

Richard Bailey, managing director, floorwise, says: ‘Our wide assortment of profiles ensure no matter what the hurdle, our network of distributors and trade counters have ready access to the answer. With the Classic and Zenith collections we’ve a great range of value options for any task, and for those discerning jobs where the customer wants that unmistakable quality and an extra special finish, Max and Max Reflections are the perfect choice.’

The company continues: ‘Zenith brings superb levels of versatility for wood, laminate, and LVT floors in a range of wood effects, as well as matt silver and matt gold finishes. With stick-down cover strips in popular wood looks such as grey oak and dark oak, Zenith has become an exceptionally popular collection, offering more flexibility and accessibility than design-matched options from floor manufacturers.’

For commercial or high-quality domestic applications, Max brings what’s described as complete peace of mind in aluminium or sim-brass effects in single edge, dual edge and extra-wide cover strip. ‘Max Reflections is floorwise’s answer to the perfect finish, matched to today’s door furniture, switch, and socket finishes. In real chrome and a premium brushed steel nickel effect, Max Reflections offers a range of applications for carpet and hard floors, allowing a premium finish at all transitions and doorways.’

The company concludes: ‘Classic has long been the mainstay of the floorwise profiles collection, providing standard sim brass and aluminium finishes across a broad range of applications. With cover strips, dual and single edges and z-edge, Classic is impressively versatile, offering installers a great ‘go to’ that’s ready to handle any profile challenge.’
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