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Abingdon Flooring celebrates
new styles and colour updates with limited offer on lecterns

ABINGDON Flooring is celebrating new styles and colour updates to its Wilton Royal wool carpet collection with a special limited time offer on lecterns.

Says the company: ‘With its natural and renewable status, it’s little wonder that wool is enjoying a resurgence at a time when our impact on the planet is considered in the purchasing decisions people make. So, it’s great news Abingdon Flooring has expanded its popular Wilton Royal collection to bring wider choice.’

Thanks to the introduction of Royal Sovereign and Charter Royal Deluxe, as well as colour updates to Royal Charter and Royal Windsor, the British carpet manufacturer says it now offers retailers an expanded range of wool carpets. So, whether a homeowner is looking for the quality and natural look of a 100% wool loop, or the value and classic looks of cut pile wool-rich styles, you can find it in Abingdon Flooring’s Wilton Royal, says the company.

Ordered through its online portal and delivered through the Alliance network, the range is said by the company to be an easy and fast way to benefit from wool’s rebirth.

Charlotte Coop, head of marketing Abingdon Flooring, says: ‘We need to find ways to help customers make more sustainable choices in the carpets they choose and strengthening our Wilton Royal range is one way to do this. The new styles help retailers answer style demands and budget restraints, while letting consumers pick a carpet made from natural and renewable materials. And with the industry’s future moving towards improved recycling infrastructure, it’s also good to know most wool carpets can be recycled.

‘Giving customers more sustainable flooring options is going to be really important. We’re seeing consumers become increasingly aware about the origin and impact of the choices they make. Younger generations are also making purchasing decisions not solely on design or value, but also what a brand or product represents. So having a range of products that are seen as ‘green’ is going to benefit retailers greatly over the next few years.’

So that retailers can offer a full range of natural wool carpets, Abingdon Flooring has a limited time promotion on Wilton Royal lecterns, with all four new and updated styles available for £149. 
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