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Abingdon Flooring ‘improves Stainfree for Life’

Carpet manufacturer, Abingdon Flooring, has updated its Stainfree for Life promise, now bringing a lifetime guarantee against common household stains.

Says the company: ‘The Stainfree for Life promise has long been an attractive reason to invest in Abingdon Flooring’s Stainfree and Love Story collections. Now, it’s an even more compelling factor thanks to its improved coverage.

‘Previously available for just food and drink spillages, Stainfree for Life now extends to all types of common household stains. Underwritten by Abingdon Flooring, the promise covers everything from Marmite to markers. Should the stain not be removed by professional cleaning, Stainfree for Life guarantees a replacement.

‘While owners of Stainfree and Love Story carpets now enjoy protection against all household, food and drink stains, one of the biggest benefits of the company’s no-stain technology is that it makes carpets easier to clean using normal household products. Dealing with spills quickly is one of the best ways to minimise the risk of permanent staining.

Abingdon Flooring provides step-by-step cleaning instructions and has a dedicated customer care team ready to help carpet owners with any care questions.’

Charlotte Coop, marketing manager of Abingdon Flooring, says: ‘The Stainfree for Life promise has always been really attractive for customers. It provides reassurance and peace of mind which is important in giving the customer confidence they’re buying a quality carpet.

We’ve been able to upgrade the warranty because of improvements to our fibres, which are now more resilient and better protected from spills penetrating the fibre surface.

‘Generally most stains or spills can be cleaned with normal household products, but our customer care team is also there to help owners find the best way to get rid of tricky stains and marks.’

Purchasers of Stainfree and Love Story carpets can register for the Stainfree for Life promise online at www.abingdonflooring.co.uk/stainfree-for-life/.

To uphold the guarantee, the carpet must be installed by a qualified fitter in accordance with BS 5325 and be professionally cleaned once every two years.

Stainfree for Life comes alongside Abingdon Flooring’s 10- or 12-year wear guarantees for its Stainfree carpets and 15-year warranty for the Love Story collection. Stainfree and Love Story are said to be bleach cleanable.
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