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Abingdon Flooring launches ‘stain-free carpet’

MADE in Britain in 11 trend colours, Affection is the new ‘stain-free carpet available from ABINGDON FLOORING. Offering a luxuriously deep and invitingly soft pile, it joins a growing range of deep pile stain-free styles’. Affection is said to benefit from Abingdon Flooring’s bleach cleanable and stain-resistant polypropylene stain-free yarn. In its latest generation, the yarn has reportedly become softer and more luxurious, fuelling the launch of several ‘deep pile stain-free carpets’.

Charlotte Coop, marketing manager, says: ‘Polypropylene used to be considered a rather coarse fibre, but improvements have meant we’ve been able to engineer softer yarns without a trade-off in stain-resistance or cleanability. These softer yarns make polypropylene deep pile qualities more desirable and attractive and so we’ve been expanding the number of options in our stain-free family.’
The 10th gauge tufted carpet has a 14mm pile depth and comes with Abingdon Flooring’s Fleece backing. The company continues: ’Adding comfort and warmth, while making the carpet more pliable and easier to install, it brings benefits to homeowners and installers. The fleece can also help reduce underlay thickness.’

Homeowners can pick from 2.5m, 4m and 5m widths depending on room sizes and the carpet is said to be suitable for heavy domestic use.

With Abingdon Flooring’s stain-free for life promise and a 10-year wear guarantee, Affection is described as a ‘quality’ deep pile carpet that ‘offers value’ compared to nylon and polyester styles.
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