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Artcore sets the gold standard, says modulyss

THE new Artcore carpet tile collection from modulyss is reportedly Cradle to Cradle Certified Gold and designed for wellbeing in office interiors.

Artcore, modulyss’ latest consciously created carpet tile collection is rooted in the philosophy of biophilia and inspired on the interaction between natural and man-made elements. It invites you to reconnect with nature by bringing the outside world in and transforms commercial interiors into interconnected, multifunctional spaces where people can thrive and connect.

Says the company: ‘The collection is sustainable at its core. Made from 100% ECONYL regenerated nylon and standard equipped with a recyclable ecoBack backing, it’s entirely Cradle to Cradle Certified Gold and tailored to the future of circular economy. Moreover, Artcore comes in a selection of nature inspired colours with optimal light reflectance values (LRV), lowering energy consumption.

‘In combination with the optional comfortBackEco backing it makes spaces quieter and calmer, mitigating the effects of noise disturbance.’

The company continues: ‘As such it contributes to the overall wellbeing and productivity inside office buildings. Both ecoBack and comfortBackEco are 100% PVC-free and consist for at least 62% of recycled content. But thanks to its shock-absorbing and noise-reducing, comfortBackeco is modulyss’ most innovative ‘all-in-one’ carpet tile backing so far.’

Another innovative aspect of the Artcore lies in the fact it’s the first ever collection allowing for fluid pattern gradients instead of mere colour gradients, says the company. ‘In line with the philosophy of biophilia, these transitions contribute to overall wellbeing by adding tranquillity to your design, appearing as if they were curated by nature itself. At the same time, they allow for more creative freedom, as contrasting patterns will help differentiate between various zones within your space.’

Ruben De Reu, product director at modulyss says: ‘With Artcore we not only confirm that design is at the heart of what we do, it is a collection that allows our clients to create spaces without limits while investing in a sustainable future. Modulyss will continue pushing the boundaries of soft flooring and seek new ways to design, produce and supply our products sustainably.’

Artcore consists of four distinctive patterns: Core, Etch, Litho and Mezzo. ‘Each style conjures up different emotions and fits together in several ways allowing for ambitiously unique floor collages. Core acts as a foundation, bringing a raw and steady rhythm, whereas the other styles vary from urban to organic, mimicking the diversity of the outside world.’

Concludes the company: ‘Discover Artcore, a sustainable flooring solution rooted in biophilia.’
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