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BerryAlloc introduces new floor visualiser

FLOORFIT is the brand-new online floor visualiser from BerryAlloc, which is described to bring floors for all lifestyles and interiors to a device near you.

BerryAlloc’s Floorfit is an online tool that’s said to get rid of the guesswork and makes imagining a new floor ‘intuitive and simple’. The company says: ‘Snap a photo of your room, select the floor you like, and let Floorfit do the rest. Imagination becomes reality as customers can see and select BerryAlloc’s range of flooring products in their own home.

‘Floorfit works for any room and BerryAlloc’s parquet, vinyl planks and tiles, laminate and high-pressure floors are available to view. Whether it’s a modern vinyl tile for the kitchen or characterful parquet for a living room, Floorfit allows everyone to find the perfect BerryAlloc floor for their lifestyle and interior.’

Christine Broux, product and marketing director of BerryAlloc says: ‘Most consumers begin their journey to a new floor online, by researching brands, flooring styles, and checking out the available options. However, during this research phase, it’s hard for customers to visualise how a new floor would look like in their home. A floor is a difficult product to ‘try before you buy’, but this easy-to-use virtual tool overcomes that challenge and helps build a better brand experience. By giving consumers an enjoyable experience when deciding on the perfect BerryAlloc floor, Floorfit builds more confidence in our brand and drives footfall to stores, which benefits our dealer network.’

In three simple steps, Floorfit guides users to their favourite floor and nearest BerryAlloc dealer:

Once the room photo is uploaded from any smartphone or computer, the technology is said to use AI to identify the floor area, creating an accurate map. Users can also choose from a range of standard rooms, including commercial locations, straight from Floorfit.

The company says Floorfit lets users choose a floor from hundreds of different options. They can also select various floor types and colours, use the built-in filters to find something specific, and try out different laying directions and patterns.

Once the right floor has been found, Floorfit is said by the company to give users the opportunity to find out more about the product, share it with family or friends, and helps connect them to their nearest BerryAlloc dealer.

With all the details considered, users can select from plank and tile sizes on designs or choose by pattern structure. Floorfit is said to use proven technology to deliver a visualiser that’s useful, and delivers ‘lightning-fast’ results.

The company adds: ‘The browser-based technology works without app downloads for improved versatility and a seamless experience for shoppers visiting the BerryAlloc website. It can also be used by BerryAlloc dealers to add value to in-store customer relationships.’

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