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BerryAlloc launches refreshed laminate collection

WITH BerryAlloc’s refreshed laminate, homeowners can enjoy the same wood look in the herringbone of Chateau, Ocean+ 100% water-resistant laminate or the versatility of Connect, says the company. That means a unified look with the freedom to mix features and different laying patterns from room-to-room.

In Chateau, BerryAlloc has reportedly captured the elegance of historic parquet flooring in 15 natural wood designs. The small and narrow planks are said to be suitable for recreating the herringbone style, as well as shipdeck, ladder and mosaic laying patterns.

Ocean+ is a 100% water-resistant laminate floor that’s available in all 15 matching wood designs of Chateau, as well as 35 other original wood looks. A suited choice for bathrooms, kitchens and busy living spaces, it features Hydro+ technology. First developed in 2008, hydro+ made BerryAlloc reportedly the pioneer of water-resistant laminate floors. Sealing joints with hydrophobic technology, hydro+ is said to guarantee a lifetime of water-resistance and makes Ocean+ ideal for bathroom use. Alongside Ocean+ 8 V4, the collection comes in a selection of planks with integrated underlay, XL planks and the performance of 12mm floors.

Connect is described by the company as an everyday flooring option that brings the ‘natural beauty’ of wood in a surface that’s dependable and easy to live with. All 50 designs, including the 15 wood looks of Chateau, come in a standard plank size, with various styles also in BerryAlloc’s XL plank. Homes can also reportedly choose from the minimalist look of a floor with no bevels or the classic plank effect of fully bevelled edges.

Scott Arundell, sales director of BerryAlloc, says: ‘Laminate flooring is loved for its durability, scratch resistance and easy maintenance. As a living proposition, it’s a floor that lets homes concentrate on the more important things in life, particularly with innovations like hydro+, but that shouldn’t mean having to compromise elsewhere.

‘We’ve thought about our new-look laminate flooring collection differently, giving customers the freedom to choose a floor that fulfils their practical needs across authentic wood looks. The collection’s ability to let customers choose herringbone for living areas, Ocean+ for moisture prone areas and Connect for all-round use in a coordinated natural wood look, shows how we’re thinking about our floors as part of a bigger interior design journey.’

BerryAlloc is said to take design a step further with these collections with the Harmony Lab that helps guide customers to a flooring choice that’s complementary to the chosen colours in their interior. This tool has reportedly analysed different colours together with the undertones of all BerryAlloc floors in countless ways, providing an accurate method to determine the most compatible combinations for a well-balanced interior.

The company adds: ‘This tool also goes beyond laminate floors and is available for all product groups for BerryAlloc. Together with digital simulator tool, Floorfit, which provides a simulation of any BerryAlloc floor in a person’s home, BerryAlloc aims to support end customers throughout their entire decision process when redesigning their interior.’

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