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BerryAlloc ‘makes luxury look of parquet accessible’

CHATEAU from BerryAlloc is said to make the luxury look of parquet accessible for today’s homes. Says the company: ‘Whether it’s evoking the styles of a chic city abode or the fluid aesthetics of an art nouveau townhouse, the Chateau laminate floor collection from BerryAlloc provides the versatility, practicality, and design-led attention-to-detail that is synonymous with traditional parquet floors. With four classic laying patterns and 10 wood decors, the collection has been designed with elegance and enduring aesthetics at its core.

‘The Chateau collection provides the flexibility for installing herringbone, shipdeck, ladder and mosaic configurations, all patterns that lend themselves well to the growing consumer demand for signature floors. The light nuances of Chestnut White to contrasting midnight tones of Charme Black add monochromatic drama, while Merbau Brown or Teak Brown add a touch of tropical reds and earthy palettes.’

‘Our Chateau laminate collection helps capture the imagination of homeowners looking for parquet and traditional styles with the convenience and price bracket of laminate,’ says Scott Arundell, sales director UK, BerryAlloc.

‘With traditional patterns making a comeback in interior design, we wanted to bring a collection to market that offered classic styling with a contemporary twist. Fresh palettes will appeal to today’s homeowners and the four-sided bevel gives an authentic look, while laminate’s practicality makes Chateau super accessible.’

The company says practicality is built-in with BerryAlloc’s durable and scratch-resistant laminate construction, ‘making the Chateau range perfect for the modern home. It’s easy to clean, safe from pets and comes with a lifetime residential warranty. Chateau’s 8mm laminate construction ensures the range remains affordable to those wanting parquet floor looks without breaking the budget’.

BerryAlloc is said to provide a full range of premium feel accessories to support the Chateau collection, including its Excellence Plus acoustic underlay.

The company concludes: ‘Made in Belgium and PEFC certified, Chateau, is supported by a full suite of marketing assets and point-of-sale.’

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