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BerryAlloc offers ‘water-resistant floors’ with Ocean+

OCEAN+ is the latest laminate flooring collection from BerryAlloc to use its hydro+ 100% water-resistant technology.

BerryAlloc introduced hydro+ in 2008, making it, the company says, ‘the original pioneer in 100% water-resistant laminate floors.’

Ocean+ is its latest ‘Made in Belgium’ range to use this technology which ‘brings a laminate floor that’s completely safe for every room in the house, even bathrooms and kitchens.’

The product features a hydrophobic coating, hydro+, that is applied to all sides of a plank during the manufacturing process. It acts to repel water from joints and is combined with airtight locking systems to make, says BerryAlloc, Ocean+ completely water-resistant.

The Ocean+ collection comprises of four different specifications: Ocean 8 V4, Ocean 8 XL, Ocean 12 V4 and Ocean 12 XL. There are two abrasion class levels (Class 32 for Ocean 8 and Class 33 for Ocean 12) in standard (190 x 1288mm) and over-size (241 x 2038mm) formats.

With Ocean 8 V4, the collection uses BerryAlloc’s DuoLoc, ‘a proven click install system that delivers excellent strength and an airtight seal to maintain the integrity of its hydro+ water resistant technology.’ Ocean 8 XL, Ocean 12 V4, and Ocean 12 XL all come with a combination of DuoLoc on the long edge and 5G on the short edge.

BerryAlloc says that the collection features ‘impressively lifelike wood, and stone designs, offering a choice of modern and classic styles.’ BerryAlloc adds that ‘from elegant oaks to rustic woods full of knots and cracks, there are 30 original looks to suit any interior, including a stylish stone design and the unique Retro Chic tile to round things off beautifully.’

The wood effects of Ocean+ are available in a range of natural structures. In particular, a deep wood structure, an ultra-deep embossed texture and super-matt finish has been designed to ‘bring the knots and cracks of grains to life.’

The company says that even though Ocean+ offers 100% water-resistance, it is no different to any other BerryAlloc laminate. Overall, it’s described as a ‘tough and highly scratch-resistant surface’ that requires nothing more than occasional mopping, sweeping or vacuuming.

BerryAlloc believes Ocean+ can be ‘enjoyed in all sizes of room and in both homes and businesses.’
Ocean+ comes with a lifetime residential use warranty and is now available from BerryAlloc.

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