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BerryAlloc: Think big with Grand Majestic

NOW available in stores worldwide, Grand Majestic is the new high pressure floor from BerryAlloc, ‘celebrating the majesty of super-wide and extra-long planks in a floor that’s for homes and businesses that like to think big’.

Designed and made in Norway, Grand Majestic is inspired by the majesty and power of nature, tracing a journey from southern Europe’s warm, sun-kissed Etna to the cool climes of Iceland’s Katla. ‘Each timeless and elegant style comes in an extraordinary 30×2,400cm plank size made possible by the strength of BerryAlloc’s high pressure floors,’ says the company.

Daniel Urvalek, product and marketing manager Nordics, says, ‘When developing our new Grand Majestic floor, we set out on a mission to create our largest and widest ever planks. What better way to make sure this impressive format is met with the best performance than with high pressure floors? Awe-inspiring planks in the world’s strongest floor – it’s an irresistible combination.’

At the heart of Grand Majestic lies BerryAlloc’s biggest dimensions to date. At 30cm wide by 2.4m long, these super-wide and extra-long planks are described by the company as a tour de force in flooring innovation.

The company continues: ‘Grand Majestic is the pinnacle of BerryAlloc’s high pressure floors (HPF), merging trend-setting aesthetics with high quality construction and the AluLoc profile. Proven in some of the world’s toughest environments including the Milan 2015 Universal Exhibition and Heathrow airport, HPF feature a surface twice as thick as standard flooring.

‘It may be the world’s strongest floor, but Grand Majestic is also fast to install and quiet in use. Featuring BerryAlloc’s AluLoc locking system for a floor that can be fitted easily, Grand Majestic’s extraordinary proportions are no more difficult to install than regular click flooring.’

Made from durable aluminium, the AluLoc profile is said to provide a solid, sealed floor surface that can handle loads of over one-tonne per linear metre, ensuring, the company says, that Grand Majestic takes its place among the most reliable floors on the market.

Adds the company: ‘Grand Majestic’s water-resistance and extremely durable surface make the floor ideal for the busiest spaces. Scratch and impact resistant, this is a floor that stays looking good no matter what life throws at it. And with the built-in BerryAlloc SilentSystem, it deadens the sounds of footsteps for a quieter place to be.’

It continues: ‘The super-wide and extra-long planks create a wonderful feeling of open space, capturing the calming force of nature through two alluring, authentic wood effects. In Etna, enjoy an expressive wood grain in three warm and inviting colours ranging from light to dark brown. Or opt for the elegant and minimal grain of Katla with three light and radiant colours that set a calm and classic tone.

‘There’s no doubting Grand Majestic’s suitability for family life. Even so, BerryAlloc provides a lifetime residential warranty for complete peace of mind. And for busy commercial projects calling on this super-strong floor, BerryAlloc backs up Grand Majestic for 10 years of faultless performance.’

Grand Majestic is said to be perfectly matched by a range of complementing accessories from BerryAlloc. ‘With a matching skirting and T-profile, every Grand Majestic floor can be finished to the highest possible standard. Every high pressure floor is made in Norway, using certified resources and efficient manufacturing to create a strong floor with a surprisingly caring nature.

‘For professional projects, BerryAlloc can provide EPDs for Grand Majestic, documenting the impact of the floor throughout its production, working life and end-of-use.’

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