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‘Capture it all with Quick-Step’

QUICK-Step’s Capture is, the company says, among the world’s most advanced laminate flooring collections.

Says the company: ‘Quick-Step’s history of innovation has led the way in creating laminate flooring that brings homes closer to nature and which always remains a practical and hardwearing finish for family life. With the Capture collection, Quick-Step has refined its years of innovations into a high-quality range that leads the world in detail, performance and ease of living.

‘On the surface, Capture is almost indistinguishable from real wood floors. Quick-Step’s designers have managed to create a level of detail and refinement in the look, matt and depth of texture that makes the floor impressively real. In fact, with colour and structure in every joint, grain and knot, Capture is a new benchmark in authentic design for laminate flooring. The collection uses this realism to its full advantage with subtle takes like Brushed Oak Natural to the knots and colour variation of Cracked Oak and painted effect of Painted Oak Rose.’

The company continues: ‘When it comes to performance, just like design, Quick-Step has left no stone unturned. Capture is a 100% watertight laminate floor which uses HydroSeal coating to ensure it’s completely safe to use in bathrooms. Quick-Step is so confident in the ability of HydroSeal to stop moisture that Capture comes with a 15-year warranty for water-resistance.

‘Alongside, with the Scratch Guard top layer Capture also excels in scratch and stain resistance. In fact, Scratch Guard is up to 10 times more resistant to scratches than other laminate floors. Of course, Capture uses Quick-Step’s world famous Uniclic joint that’s loved by professionals for its fast installation, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.’

Concludes the company: ‘It’s this unique combination of technologies and features that make Capture so advanced and such an attractive choice for today’s family homes. Tough enough to stand up to the trials of young families, pets and busy living, and simple to look after thanks to its easy to clean finish, yet looking just like a real wood floor; Capture brings the appeal of natural finishes without the fuss.’

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