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Carpet solutions which offer ‘endless workplace design solutions’

TAKE a journey through a selection of workplace design ideas utilising the range of carpet tiles on offer from Rawson Carpet Solutions, says the UK manufacturer.

Rawson Carpet Solutions has been rebranding and diversifying its ranges to satisfy its strategy of offering a carpet solution to suit any design or performance requirement. A key sector is the office market.

Rawson offers Solution Dyed Nylon Tiles or planks in several designs and structures. ‘An ever-expanding range of entrance matting and fibre-bonded solutions from the Heritage ranges, the products provide options to create some very impressive workspace designs, and in line with our new branding, we’ve released our latest brochure focusing on the office market,’ it says.

Rawson’s new brochure ‘Providing Exquisite office & Workspace Carpet Solutions’ looks at the particular requirements of a covering in the workplace and the many differing design options available.

The company continues: ‘One focus point is Rawson’s product credentials, with a view to providing clients with the peace of mind they require in specifying their workspace carpet solution. Credentials such as environmental are focused on, outlining BRE A+ accreditations along with new EPDs and introducing its new fully recyclable carpet tile solution.

‘Acoustic performance is important to promote a comfortable, uninterrupted working environment where inspirational ideas and strategies can be developed. Finally, Class 33 ratings indicating durability and castor chair resistance are vital requirements for a workplace carpet.’

However, the primary focus of the brochure, with the inspirational imagery, is to show how, with matching yarns in differing ranges, a plethora of layouts are possible, offering endless design opportunities. Says Rawson: ‘Products in the nylon range such a Signal, Jazz, Fanfare and new Riven are displayed in exquisite form to promote a snapshot of the many office carpet tile aesthetics achievable.’

Rawson says it has a UK-wide sales coverage and it’s keen to speak to you if you need assistance in achieving your desired office space. Rawson’s products are carried in stock at its headquarters in Wakefield and Rawson offer UK wide quick delivery.

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