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Carpet tiles collection: ‘Be well Suited with Shaw Contract’

SHAW Contract has introduced two carpet tile styles for its Suited collection. These styles also can reportedly be specified with Shaw Contract’s new ComfortWorx backing as an option.

Styles Beam and Braid offer the designer two-multi-level loop patterns in a range of colourways that move across the colour spectrum from subtle light tones to warmer, darker shades. They feature smaller-scale linear patterns and complement the Suited collection’s existing styles of Check, Houndstooth, Jacquard and Textile.

Suitable for use in a range of segments including workplace, education, hospitality and multi-family living, the tiles are 25×100 cm and made in the UK on Shaw Contract’s TaskWorx backing. Says the company: ‘Occupant health and wellbeing is a critical consideration for productive environments where we can work, learn and collaborate successfully. So Beam and Braid are also available with Shaw Contract’s new ComfortWorx backing. The ComfortWorx platform provides a solution for both acoustic and underfoot comfort.’

Sound can negatively impact building occupants. Shaw Contract concludes: ‘ComfortWorx tiles are designed to provide improved impact sound reduction and improved sound absorption over standard carpet tile and hard surfaces. It is also an option that provides for both durability and ergonomic benefits.’

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