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Carpet tiles ‘shaped by the landscapes of Flanders’

SHAPED by the diverse landscapes of Flanders, Heritage is the latest carpet tile from modulyss, a collection deeply rooted in the company’s Belgian roots.

From the ever-changing coastline of the west to the iconic cobblestones that have marked cycling’s great champions and the fertile polders found inland, Heritage celebrates the landscape of Flanders in five coordinating carpet tile designs now available from modulyss.
Cobbles, Haze, Dune, Meadow and Polder have been designed by Ruben De Reu, design, and product development manager at modulyss.

He says: ‘I was intrigued by the concept of heritage and how it shapes a country’s identity through the passage of generations. For me, it’s about a need to go back to our roots and reminisce in familiar and comforting memories. I drew on the thriving history of the Flemish textile industry, Belgian artists I admire and the landscapes of my youth. Heritage weaves together past and present, reflecting the shapes, textures and colours of Flemish landscapes.’

You can’t immerse yourself in Flemish heritage without mentioning cycling and cobbled roads. Cobbles is a homage to these hallowed stones that have turned cyclists into greats that’s available in 16 natural and muted colours. The speckled design can be mixed and matched with all other designs in Heritage.

The river Leie has played a central role on the Belgian linen and textile industry and Ruben has used the early morning mist over its water as inspiration for Haze.

In six muted and natural colours, Haze can be coordinated with any of the carpet tiles in the collection. Reportedly made from 100% regenerated ECONYL and ecoBack recyclable backing, Dune draws on Belgium’s northwest coastline.

‘These sandy beaches and grassy dunes are the home to many childhood memories for Ruben. Echoing the ever-changing dunes and light-dappled sands, Dune comes in 12 muted natural hues. Including the CO2RE programme for a carbon neutral carpet tile, selected colours are Cradle to Cradle Certified Gold or Silver.’

In Meadow, also made with 100% ECONYL and ecoBack, you’ll find a design inspired by the country’s grasslands, says modulyss. ‘The open fields shape the rural regions of Belgium and provide a retreat for nature, Ruben has caught this essence in an organic pattern that reflects the wind-blown rhythm of these grassy havens.

‘In 12 natural colours, Dune is part of the CO2RE programme with selected colours Cradle to Cradle Certified Gold or Silver. Rounding out the Heritage collection comes Polder, a design that takes its cue from the fertile ridges and furrows of Belgium’s farming lands. Before the crops begin to grow, these polders have a repetitive, sculptural quality that’s been referenced in Ruben’s design.’

The company concludes: ‘Made with 100% ECONYL and ecoBack, the carpet tile can achieve carbon neutral status through CO2RE with selected colours of its 12-strong tonal palette Cradle to Cradle Certified. Made in the country that has inspired it, Heritage is a striking carpet tile collection now available from modulyss.’

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