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Chalkstring unveils integrated takeoff software for specialist subcontractors

CHALKSTRING, a UK provider of construction cost management software for specialist subcontractors, has announced the launch of its embedded drawing takeoff capability, further strengthening its all-in-one platform for managing project financials across all stages of construction contracts.

The company says subcontractors will now benefit from integrated measurement and markup tools, enabling drawings to be imported and measured, with the quantities linking seamlessly to tenders and live projects. ‘This highly anticipated and powerful new functionality makes pricing jobs faster and easier, and eliminates wasted time and risk involved with transferring data between different, disconnected systems. Available free to all users, subcontractors no longer need to purchase third party takeoff software or use inefficient, manual methods to measure, thus reducing costs and ensuring a greater degree of accuracy.’

Barry Chapman, managing director at Chalkstring said: ‘Subcontractors are increasingly unwilling to use one software for measuring, another for estimating, a separate system for procurement, and lots of spreadsheets for the bits in between – Chalkstring is the solution. With the addition of takeoff, our revolutionary cloud platform covers the entire project cost management workflow, from estimating to procurement, cost reporting and more. Using one single system enables subcontractors to streamline and standardise processes, reduce errors and gives real-time information with which to control project financials and achieve more profitability.’

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