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Chemique Adhesives launches new VOC free adhesive

CHEMIQUE ADHESIVES has recently developed a VOC free, one component pedestal adhesive, that’s said to have been specially formulated for bonding raised flooring pedestals to concrete subfloors.

Accreditations for Polyped 1 pedestal adhesive include ‘Indoor Air Comfort Gold’, ‘EMICODE at EC1 Plus’ and ‘BREEAM International’.

Requiring no mixing, this moisture-curing polyurethane adhesive has reportedly been developed for pedestal installation and repair/refurbishment applications. The adhesive exhibits a ‘thixotropic nature’ which helps to gap fill voids between substrates, while maintaining the integrity of the bond, says the company.

‘We’ve been working on the development of a new pedestal adhesive that was safer for the user, while still focusing on quality,’ commented Stuart Francis, managing director of Chemique Adhesives. ‘This new updated formula is VOC free, meaning the adhesive fulfils the requirement of lower emissions and contributes to a safer working indoor environment.’

Polyped 1 is said to offer superior adhesion to galvanised and non-galvanised pedestals as well as concrete and other materials commonly used in the raised access flooring industry.

To add to its performance, Polyped 1 reportedly complies with the T15 ‘pedestal strength’ test and the T42 ‘swinging-bag’ test. Furthermore, a standard 9kg pack of Polyped 1 is said by the company to bond between 200-300 pedestals, depending on pedestal design and quality of the subfloor.
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