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‘Choose the healthier, safer way to spray’

THE healthier and safer way to spray, floorwise F597 Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive is the 100% dichloromethane (DCM) free answer to a range of onsite fixing challenges, says the company.

‘Receiving high praise from installers for its ability to stick better than most ‘normal’ sprays, floorwise F597 Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive has been developed by floorwise as a healthier alternative to ‘conventional’ heavy duty spray adhesives with no performance compromise. The high adhesive content and web spray pattern ensures a great delivery and reliable hold ideal for those quick onsite fixes. floorwise F597 is a great solution that can handle a range of sticky problems while being safer and healthier to use than conventional DCM based spray adhesives.’

Continues the company: ‘Removing the hazards associated with many spray adhesives of being potentially carcinogenic and harmful to the environment, the solvent used in floorwise F597 Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive is lighter than air and will quickly disperse into the atmosphere.

‘This is in marked contrast to the layer of invisible, odourless gas left at ground level by DCM-based spray adhesives, which has been proven to create a significant risk of asphyxiation for installers working on their knees in poorly ventilated spaces.’

Andrew Gill, group product manager, floorwise, says: ‘We developed floorwise F597 as the safer and healthier alternative to heavy-duty spray adhesives and the response it’s received has been nothing short of extraordinary. Sales have boomed and it’s clear fitters are appreciating the winning combination of no compromise formulation and health benefits of floorwise F597 without a significant cost penalty.’

Adds the company: ‘Even better, floorwise F597 Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive is also included in flooring’s biggest rewards promotion. With four points on a box of 12 cans, you can spray and save towards more than 60 tech and lifestyle rewards.

‘Look out for the green floorwise F597 cans at floorwise distributors across the UK and Ireland. With only one hazard warning on the can, floorwise F597 Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive is a fantastic way to start 2023 with a healthier and safer way to work. No wonder fantastic floors start with floorwise.’
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