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Connect with modern nature with new Marmoleum Solid collection, says Forbo

BUILDING on what it describes as the success of its climate positive Marmoleum flooring, Forbo Flooring Systems continues to push forward, updating the Marmoleum Solid collection to support the enduring trend for contemporary interiors that connect with modern nature.

Says the company: ‘Refreshed and contemporary, the new colour palette features muted and neutral tones, providing architects and designers with a high-end flooring option made using 98% natural raw materials – independently certified Climate Positive cradle-to-gate and importantly, without offsetting. Arranged intuitively in four go-to collections, the plastic-free Marmoleum Solid collection comprises 72 colourways, 26 of which are new – all future orientated and modern in character.’

The company continues: ‘Combining the liveliness of cocoa husks with the calmness of mineral tones, the Cocoa range adds subtle texture to a scheme. Now, there are 16 versatile colourways, including six new ones, such as the earthy ivory Pannacotta or the rooted warmth of turmeric inspired Curcuma. Plus, a selection of anchoring greys such as, Hummus, Stracciatella, Black Tea and Chia Seeds.

‘The use of cocoa husks, a waste product from the cocoa industry, included within the manufacturing process results in a modern flooring solution that meets the interior design trends and sustainable building requirements of today and the future.’

Forbo adds: ‘Fully committed to closing the loop, Forbo’s ‘Back to the Floor’ program ensures upcycled end-of-life Marmoleum is also reused in its production. The Concrete palette offers subtle concrete aesthetics with the warmth and naturalness of Marmoleum. The refined 30-strong collection features 15 new colourways, from Neptune that suits mix and matching applications to options that stylishly meet the coloured concrete look.

‘For a soft, natural appearance, the Walton collection provides a plain visual with a subtle texture, while the Piano palette gives a soft, subtle fibre feel combined with a plain background to create a semi-plain design, ideal for areas where light dirt hiding properties are required.’

Commenting on the launch of the new Marmoleum Solid range, Donna Hannaway, head of marketing at Forbo Flooring Systems, said: ‘It reflects our commitment to creating flooring that goes beyond the conventional, fostering a blend of luxury design, sustainability, and wellbeing. Marmoleum Solid is designed to be the ‘new face’ of linoleum – we want the latest collection to demonstrate linoleum’s capabilities as a modern-day floor finish. It’s the most sustainable offering on the market and is ideal for architects and designers who are working towards a more circular economy approach.

‘We’ve vastly updated the colour offering, steering to more muted and neutral tones, which offer longevity in terms of timeless style. This new colour shift is actually part of a wider update, which will see the new colourways coincide with our other ranges, enabling architects and specifiers to create an integrated design scheme across all floor finishes.’

Continues Forbo: ‘Offering three times better protection in terms of wear resistance, stain resistance and cleaning and maintenance compared to the previous surface coating, Marmoleum Solid is finished with Forbo’s highly durable and award-winning Topshield pro surface finish. The longer the floor can be used, the more circular it is.

‘Other categories in Forbo’s flagship Marmoleum range include Marmoleum Marbled, a natural and colourful collection that blends properties for perfect soil-hiding characteristics and Marmoleum Linear, an accessible, warm and connective option with a directional pattern to create a feel-at-home atmosphere.’

Forbo concludes: ‘Circular ready, Marmoleum forms the foundation of healthy indoor spaces and now Forbo invites those in the architectural and interior design world to create sustainable places that have a positive impact on everyone and everything.’

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