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‘Create Immersive experiences with a world-first’

IMMERSION is the new carpet tile collection from IVC Commercial made with Thrive matter, said to be the world’s first carbon negative carpet yarn.

Used in IVC Commercial’s new Immersion carpet tile collection, Thrive matter reportedly has the lowest emissions of any solution-dyed nylon carpet yarn, removing more CO2 from the atmosphere than it emits. Said to be available on all three Immersion designs, it’s made from 90% recycled content and reportedly has the lightest production footprint in the world.

Says IVC: ‘Immersion explores the corners of the virtual world where there are no limits, creative freedom is absolute and digital and physical personalities blend effortlessly. With textures that create a 3D effect that’s constantly in motion, the collection brings a surprising and unexpected dynamic to your design. Available in Alternate, Liberate and Animate; it comes in a shared palette of 18 vibrant and purposeful colours that can mix and match.

‘Examining the blurred boundaries between our digital and physical lives, Alternate’s generative high-low 3D pattern captures this incessant flux. Liberate expresses the pursuit for digital freedom through new wave technologies with electrifying and unexpected results, while gaming’s digitally constructed worlds and future-shaped architecture are the inspiration for the dynamic and vibrant Animate.’

Concludes IVC: ‘Thrive matter is third-party certified with 1.45kg of embodied carbon emissions for every 1kg produced. This already low number is brought below zero by partnering with in support of forest conservation and reforestation projects around the world.’

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