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ECOPROTEC ‘paves the way for safe rust removal’

ECOPROTEC has introduced Iron Stain Away, which it describes as a professional treatment that safely removes and helps prevent rust outbreaks from ferrous hard stones, including sandstone, slate and granite. The new deep cleaner joins ECOPROTEC’s range of external surface care products, developed for the landscaper and contract sector.

While rust stains can be caused by contact with metals, ferrous stones naturally contain iron, which can oxidise or rust when it comes into contact with moisture, rain or cleaning products. This reaction causes brown stains and discolouration which can be difficult to remove. Certain acidic cleaners, such as brick acid and cement removers, also contain ingredients that can accelerate oxidisation.

These same products are often used to remove rust marks and can create even more issues. Says the company: ‘ECOPROTEC Iron Stain Away is specifically formulated to safely remove these blemishes from acid-resistant stone. The acid-based solution can be used on inside and outside surfaces, giving results in between three-six hours.

‘To remove surface rust stains and tannin marks – as well as accumulated oil, grease and dirt – the range includes ECOPROTEC Intensive Cleaner. This treatment can be used on all types of tile and stone, and at different dilutions to tackle issues from mild staining to severe residue build-up.’

Continues the company: ‘With more than 30 years’ experience in the tile and stone market, LTP’s ECOPROTEC brand has become established within the contract sector since its launch in 2016. All treatments are made in the UK, are predominately eco-friendly, low odour and low VOC, and the entire range benefits from the most advanced research in water-based technology.’

To find out more, visit the updated website – at www.ecoprotec.co.uk – which includes a comprehensive library of supporting technical resources, video demos and technical blog content.
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