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‘Fast, safe fixing in tough settings’ with Mapei Ultrabond ECO MS1

MAPEI has launched new Ultrabond ECO MS1, which it describes as a high performance adhesive for the installation of all types of resilient and textile floorcoverings.

‘Ready-to-use and easy to apply, Ultrabond ECO MS1 is fast-setting and very low VOC. Its tough formulation and resistance make it ideal for areas subjected to heavy wear and floors exposed to UV and water.’

The company continues: ‘A universal, sylilated polymer-based adhesive, Ultrabond ECO MS1 is suitable for the internal installation of LVT, PVC, carpet, linoleum, rubber, PU-based and sports flooring onto absorbent and non-absorbent substrates. It can also be used with underfloor heating systems.’

The adhesive offers a raft of high performance benefits, including very high peel and shear strength and dimensional stability, says Mapei.

‘Once cured, it forms a film that’s resistant to moisture, water and heat. These characteristics, along with exceptional strong bond strength, make Ultrabond ECO MS1 particularly suitable for industrial settings subjected to intense mechanical stress from forklifts, commercial kitchens and wet areas. The adhesive can also be used in environments subject to stresses from chair castors, according to EN 12529.’

Ultrabond ECO MS1 certifications include EMICODE EC1 Plus (very low emissions) and Blauer Engle – DE-UZ 113. ‘The adhesive is also easy to clean off hands and surfaces, and is safe to use for installers with sensitivity to epoxy and epoxy/PU products,’ says the company.

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