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‘Faultless performance for extreme locations’

MADE in Norway for extreme locations, high pressure floors (HPFs) from BerryAlloc are said by the company to be ready for the world’s toughest commercial projects.

‘From busy shopping malls to international airports, BerryAlloc’s high pressure floors bring faultless performance for a floor that stays looking good.’

The company continues: ‘Extremely impact-resistant, AC6 scratch-resistant (that’s the highest protection in EN 13329 Class 34), water-resistant, featuring a patented aluminium locking system and with attached SilentSystem underlay; HPFs are ideal for bringing the natural look of wood and stone with the assured performance that comes with the world’s strongest floor.’

Scott Arundell, sales director UK, BerryAlloc, says: ‘Whether Original, Grand Majestic or Grand Avenue, our HPF styles all share one thing in common – exceptional performance. For a natural look in high-traffic environments, there are few floors more capable. HPFs have been proven in tough commercial locations and have continued to deliver a surface that’s easy to maintain and which stays looking good thanks to its excellent scratch and impact-resistance.’

Adds the company: ‘Every part of BerryAlloc’s HPFs is about strength and that’s why it’s been selected by Heathrow, Apple, Volkswagen and Crowne Plaza to deliver a premium floor finish. Take the patented AluLoc system that’s unique to Grand Avenue and Grand Majestic HPF ranges as an example. With an aluminium construction that boasts exceptional strength under tensile and compressive load, it’s one of the world’s most secure and infallible click joint systems. Its responsible for the magnificent proportions of Grand Majestic – 2.4m x 30cm – combining with the impact, wear and scratch resistance for a floor that’s super-sized and super-strong.’

All HPFs are reportedly equipped with BerryAlloc’s SilentSystem built-in underlay. ‘This integrated solution reduces impact sound by 19dB for lowered noise levels in busy commercial spaces. As a bonus, it also speeds up installation, eliminating the need for a separate underlay and helping to accommodate for subfloors that are not perfectly flat.

‘Whatever you need from your floor – great natural looks, exceptional scratch and wear performance or incredible locking strength for uninterrupted installations – BerryAlloc’s HPF are ready for the challenge.’

Anne Johan Johnsen, airport managing director for Kristiansand Lufthavn, Kjevik, testifies: ‘With more than one million passengers visiting the airport, we needed a strong floor in our travel lounge. After three years, our HPF still looks completely new, with no damage whatsoever.’

Concludes BerryAlloc: ‘If you need to recommend a floor that stays looking good under the heaviest use, look no further than BerryAlloc’s HPFs.’

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