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Flooring studio showcases ‘most unique, innovative’ designs

WALKING into the flooring studio, with its elegant dark blue walls and comfy velvet seating is like walking into a sophisticated gallery space. Hanging on every wall are the most stunning, contemporary, and eye-catching flooring designs you’ve probably never seen. You really are hit by the wow factor.

‘This is La boutique du parquet, a specialist flooring studio that showcases the most unique and innovative parquet designs from all over Europe,’ says the company.

Based in Brighton, its founder spent more than 10 years working with plank, chevron and herringbone floors but reportedly always had a passion for parquet designs with a modern attitude – designs that combine unusual patterns, textures, species, colours, and inlays – in short, designs that aren’t usually seen in the UK flooring industry. And that’s how La boutique du parquet was born, out of a desire to spark new ideas and design possibilities for architects, interior designers, and their clients.

Says the company: ‘As you view the panels along the gallery walls, you’ll see some of the more recognisable patterns, but they’re designed in a fresh way. There’s oak double basket weave with tiger wood end-grain squares, mansion house with oak and burr walnut centres and Versailles panels with white marble inlays.

‘Standard chevron becomes something more exciting, with liquid gold on black blocks which highlights the grain and catches the light. Engineered herringbone with solid end-grain blocks punctuate the natural rhythm of the pattern, other designs use rusty metal inserted into cross-sawn oak to give a steam-punk urban loft feel.’

Then comes the avant-garde, five of which you can see in the panel images left, says the company. ‘Oak windmills married with tumbling teak rectangles create a sweeping vista in large floor areas. Oak, teak and wenge lightly brushed contrasting colour waves dramatically occupy a space. Contrasting symmetrical light oak and wenge marquetry within a hard maple surround produces a captivating expanse. Teak and resin steam-bent interlinking curves on an oak bed generate a light, high-tech feel. Geometric oak and wenge stripes juxtaposition to give a striking, asymmetric look.

La boutique du parquet’s passion for detail and immaculate finishing extends to its border work.’ Continues the company: ‘Borders range from a simple wenge strip that continues into knot-work corners, to brass and chrome inserts that frame panel edges. With more than 500 laser-cut border designs, there is marquetry to complement every parquet style. As well as lavish flooring, La boutique du parquet specialises in awe-inspiring wall panelling that integrates beautifully within architectural design. Leading on from its pre-existing patterns, La boutique du parquet encourages experimentation with its clients by working in collaboration with parquet flooring designers and manufacturers to create original combinations of materials and designs for their projects. To view the full gallery range or for a consultation, use the below contact details.’

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