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floorwise releases its Diamond Gripper

THE power of social media to drive new business sees many installers uploading pictures of recent installation work, including progress shots displaying their choice of accessories such as carpet grippers and underlays. These progress shots reportedly capture floorwise Diamond Gripper installed to provide a secure hold alongside floorwise recycled PU underlays and luxury carpet.

While several fitters are still relying on the false economy of basic gripper and double runs for their installations, savvy installers are said by floorwise to recognise that a single pass of Diamond Gripper does a ‘superior job’ and ‘looks professional’. Using it has become a mark of a high-quality carpet installation carried out by a professional who’s proud of their work, says the company.

Most basic grippers fall short in two main areas, plywood, and pins, with thin and narrow plywood compromising hold with thicker carpets and increasing the risk of damage to skirtings and walls. Fewer pins also undermine hold yet further, forcing many installers to opt for a double run when fitting luxury carpets and thick underlays.

Diamond Gripper’s extra performance comes from a thicker and wider plywood and 20% more pins than basic gripper, says the company. Add in more nails for extra stability, and it’s a combination that doesn’t like to let go easily. This reportedly makes it the right choice for any fitter looking to offer customers a first-rate installation.

Andrew Gill, group product manager, says: ‘Diamond Gripper is undoubtedly one of the best grippers available today and its popularity among fitters across the country shows it’s appreciated for its ability to hold luxury carpets in place. The resulting grip is so good that Diamond Gripper takes power stretched installations in its stride. Diamond Gripper is another reason why fantastic floors start with floorwise and are so worthy of sharing on social media.’

Diamond Gripper is available in medium and long pin for either wood or concrete floors, and a dual-purpose version. Using a 25mm wide plywood construction, the gripper is available from floorwise stockists across the UK and Ireland.
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