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‘Get through peak flooring season with LION Floor’

AS peak flooring season kicks off, can you afford to be let down by poor supply and inferior quality? With the ready availability and quality of LION Floor, you can ensure every vinyl floor installation starts without a hitch, says the company.

The company continues: ‘Made in Finland from locally sourced wood by-products, LION Floor is the sustainable engineered hardboard alternative to BS 8203 complaint plywood. Giving you the quality and ease you need to ensure every vinyl floor installation runs smooth and trouble-free, LION Floor is quickly becoming the substrate of choice for flooring professionals.

‘Yet, LION Floor’s Nordic origin brings more benefits than just sustainable sourcing and faultless quality. Compared to plywood made in the Far East, every board comes with far less shipping miles to reach your project, so it carries a lower carbon footprint.

‘As LION Floor is also manufactured within the same continent, even the largest order can also be readily available. LION Floor is the perfect answer to a reliable vinyl flooring installation when sustainability and availability is on the list.’

Peter Jones of Finnish Fibreboard, says: ‘LION Floor is certainly a cost-effective and more sustainable alternative to flooring grade plywood, but thanks to our rapidly growing network of stockists and distributors, it’s also a choice that’s readily available. We’ve worked hard over the last year to make LION Floor easy to get hold of so that it’s benefits can be enjoyed by more installers.
News of LION Floor is spreading fast and we’re ready to make sure that no matter where you are in the UK, you can lay your hands on it. After all, shouldn’t everyone have easy access to a reliable solution for the installation of vinyl floors?’

The company concludes: ‘The first hardboard panel to be designed and manufactured specifically for flooring, LION Floor overcomes many of the reliability issues commonplace with plywood, such as core gaps, delamination and veneer overlaps. The pre-conditioned boards are suitable for use in residential and commercial environments and come in various sheet sizes, including convenient and easy to handle 8inx4in and 4inx2in ideal for domestic installation.’

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