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‘Get your nose ahead’ with floorwise nosing

THROUGH the wide range of ‘high quality nosing from floorwise, you can ensure any commercial building enjoys visible, safe and secure stair edges’, says the company.

‘Selecting the right stairnosing depends on the type of surfacing on the treads and the design of the risers, so when taking on any commercial staircase, having a choice of nosing is important.

Thankfully, floorwise is on hand with one of the widest ranges of nosing and ancillary products on the market.’

Continues the company: ‘The floorwise nosing range includes everything from heavy duty nosing through to low profile designs. With flat, bullnose and rake fronts, along with single or double inserts and the option of ramp backs, there’s a floorwise nosing for any staircase.

‘Tread inserts are available in a range of 34 colours to provide a great range of LRV (light reflectance value) options which will ensure a difference of 30 points or more to the tread finish. The floorwise stair nosings range also includes the option of our Super Grip anti-slip material inserts to provide additional safety – particularly in wet conditions.’

The company adds: ‘To make fitting easier, floorwise provides a complete design and cut solution, including hole drilling if required. This service is available for free with all floorwise nosings and helps to make short work of specifying a high-quality nosing solution for your project.

‘Alongside the floorwise stair-nosings range is a selection of complementary ancillary products such as edge trims and angles to help ensure a perfect finish to any staircase.’

Andrew Gill, group product manager with floorwise: ‘For any contractor or retailer taking on commercial staircases, the ability to provide a tailored solution that ensures a DDA-compliant end result is all- important. We recognise this at floorwise and so our range of stair-nosing includes everything needed to create a first-class, fully compliant finish to stair edges.’

Concludes the company: ‘Rounding out a complete installation package, floorwise can also help with a range of high quality tools and adhesives. With all these benefits, it’s no wonder fantastic floors start with floorwise.’
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