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‘Give wise advice’ with floorwise underlays

With floorwise underlays, you can give customers the right buying advice whatever their budget, says the company.

‘Consumers spend time deciding on the style of their carpet, but enhancing its longevity and comfort with a good quality underlay is often an afterthought. With the wide choice of floorwise underlays, it’s possible to ensure every carpet benefits from better comfort and a longer life.’

Continues the company: ‘While it’s often tempting to skimp on underlay selection with budget carpets, a good quality underlay is really essential. This is because it flatters cheaper carpets by supporting the thinner pile thereby helping to prevent wear as well as masking imperfections in the substrate which will be felt through thinner low-quality carpet and underlay combinations.

‘Worse still, budget underlays are generally thicker and less dense than better quality products, so carpets are prone to rucking and ruching as they compress over time. These problems are often exacerbated in the home’s most used areas, such as hallways, staircases, landings and lounges.

So, recommending a better-quality underlay to go with a budget carpet can be a shrewd move.

‘Not only will it bring added revenue in the short term, but your customers will benefit from a carpet that lasts longer. A denser underlay will also help to improve the underfoot comfort and thermal performance, insulating against heat loss and so reducing energy use on heating which all reflect well on you as a trusted advisor who they’ll be happy to recommend.’

Andrew Gill, group product manager at floorwise says: ‘A new carpet is an investment and something which customers want to make sure lasts. By recommending a quality underlay to provide the best support for their carpet, there’s a chance to secure extra revenue, and even if the customer doesn’t choose the very best, it’s likely they’ll opt for something above what they may have gone for without that recommendation, or if it was simply a price issue.

‘At worst, should they choose the cheapest option, when the carpet wears prematurely your advice will ring fresh in their ears once again and they will be more likely to return.’

Adds the company: ‘The floorwise range features a wide choice of PU underlays, ranging from cost-competitive MD+ (medium density plus) qualities right up to UHD+ (ultra-high density plus) for the best long-term performance. With a quality underlay at every price point, retailers can be confident in finding an underlay that gives the best possible support for the customer’s budget.’

The company concludes: ‘So, when it comes to the start of a fantastic floor, floorwise underlays are a great way to maximise satisfaction and provide your customers with wise buying advice.’
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