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‘Grand Majestic is a floor for those who like to think big’

WITH planks measuring 30cm wide by 2.4m long, BerryAlloc says there’s no doubt Grand Majestic is a floor for those that like to think big. In fact, the planks are the widest and longest ever produced by BerryAlloc, says the company.

‘Such a grand scale is only made possible through High Pressure Floors (HPF). Made in Norway, the world’s strongest floor is proven in some of the planet’s toughest commercial environments including Heathrow Airport. With a surface twice as thick as standard flooring and the extraordinary strength of AluLoc, HPF can handle loads of more than one-tonne per linear metre.’

It’s this strength, continues the company, that makes Grand Majestic not only one of the largest floors on the market, but one of the most reliable too. ‘Scratch and impact-resistant, as well as water-resistant, this is a floor that stays looking good no matter what life throws at it. And with the built-in BerryAlloc SilentSystem, it also deadens the sounds of footsteps.’

The company continues: ‘Through two alluring wood effects inspired by the majestic natural landscapes of Norway, homes and business can enjoy the elegant look of wood in planks that add a true sense of wide, open space. Etna is an expressive wood grain in three warm and inviting colours ranging from light to dark brown. Or opt for the elegant and minimal grain of Katla with three light and radiant colours that set a calm and classic tone.’

BerryAlloc continues: ‘With a surface that’s easy to look after and a lifetime residential warranty (10-year commercial), Etna and Katla deliver a premium quality, PEFC certified floor that’s ideal for busy spaces in homes and businesses alike. Representing the latest evolution of progressive technology for the High Pressure Floors range – Grand Majestic is big thinking the BerryAlloc way.’

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