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‘Happier herringbone’ with LION Floor

THE extra expense of installation of herringbone LVT means customer expectations on craft and materials are raised, so LION Floor ‘should be considered for the perfect subfloor’.
LION Floor is made in Finland as an engineered fibreboard that can replace BS-compliant plywood beneath resilient floors. It’s reportedly thinner, stronger, less prone to faults and deviations, and compatible with major feather finishes and screeds, so if you’re looking for a subfloor that won’t let you down, then choose LION Floor.

‘Particularly with herringbone LVT floors, where the additional expense of installation puts work under more scrutiny, LION Floor makes sense. It can be installed in just the same way as plywood, cut or sawn, and fixed with ring shank nails.

‘There’s no special installation required so it’s easy to adapt to, and with a lower height than plywood it can also avoid door trimming or further adjustments. Unlike traditional hardboards, as it’s pre-treated there’s no need for wetting before applying screed or feather finish.’

Peter Jones, Finnish Fibreboard (UK), explains why LION Floor is such a good choice for herringbone LVT floors: ‘Any quality resilient floor installation should use LION Floor but it’s even more important with herringbone LVT. More complex and slower to fit, herringbone comes with a higher installation cost and a higher replacement cost if things go wrong – for the customer and installer. So, the extra reliability of LION Floor should make it the default subfloor option beneath herringbone LVT, particularly as it’s more cost-effective than a premium quality branded plywood.’

Reliability is said to be one of LION Floor’s strengths. ‘The dense board is exceptionally resistant to impacts and the construction eliminates the problems that come with the core gaps and overlaps found in plywood. It’s a fast and effective way to deliver a first-class resilient floor installation.’

LION Floor has also reportedly been rigorously tested to ensure it lives up to its promises as a worry-free solution to vinyl flooring installation. Europe’s largest independent training centre, FloorSkills, recommends LION Floor under stickdown LVT, selected click LVT and sheet vinyl.

‘Made from wood by-product, LION Floor also has a significantly lower global warming potential than European made plywood. With an independently verified EPD, you can be confident in the environmental performance of LION Floor, as well as its ability to deliver a lasting and reliable subfloor beneath resilient flooring.’

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