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How to easily get your ProKnee kneepads and replacement parts through Floormart

AFTER 33 years of specialising in occupational knee injury prevention, ProKnee says it’s a one-stop-shop solution for customers to easily access and service all their products with an in-person experience.

Says the company: ‘Since transitioning our direct sales over to our vast distribution network of more than 470 locations worldwide, ProKnee fans have been wanting to know, ‘Where do we go now to get replacement parts to keep our old pads running?’ The ProKnee Grab ‘N Go Display is our hands-on 360deg solution to exploring ProKnee’s complete line of kneepads, tools and accessories for the floor covering, industrial roofing and general construction industries.’

The company continues: ‘Completely stocked with popular replacement parts and parts kits options, this display makes upgrades fast, economical and seamless. Fit your entire crew in the AP16 All Purpose Kneepads, ProKnee’s professional grade one-size-fits-all kneeling solution or try on the maximum protection, custom fit Model 0714/0714E kneepads with patented shin support system to feel the ProKnee difference in person. While you’re testing them out, determine your custom measurements to ensure proper fit, a step that’s crucial to delivering optimal comfort and performance.’

Adds the company: ‘Get familiar with other ProKnee efficiency worthy tools, such as the GoofProof Wall Trimmer, the most accurate and easiest method of trimming direct glue down and inflexible carpets perfect the first time. Or the Treadman, ProKnee’s multi-angle stair tread cutting system, a tool that cuts installation time in half, while side stepping pattern scribing and using tricky technical techniques. These tools are ready for off-the-rack purchase to start using immediately on your next or current job. Additionally, the Grab ‘N Go display also houses ProKnee’s line of accessories, such as the ProPouch and Over Shoulder Carry Case, both designed to help you carry your tools and kneepads with ease.’

ProKnee concludes: ‘Not ready to invest yet or have more questions? This display offers all of the product information you need to take the decision home. So whether it’s your first time purchasing ProKnee custom made custom fit kneepads or your fifth time rebuilding them with our complete rebuild kits and individual replacement parts, ProKnee has got your needs covered with the Grab ‘N Go display.’

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