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Hydro+ ‘still regarded as leading water-resistant laminate technology’

INTRODUCED by BerryAlloc in 2008, Hydro+ is the original water-resistant laminate floor.

Says the company: ‘Marking a revolution in the laminate flooring industry, BerryAlloc first introduced its water-resistant Hydro+ technology to the market in 2008. About 13 years on and Hydro+ is still regarded as the leading water-resistant laminate technology available.’

Hydro+ uses precision engineering and a hydrophobic varnish that’s applied to the edges of the plank to form a seal that prevents moisture reaching the water-repellent HDF core. The result is reportedly a floor that can hold off standing water for up to 24 hours, plenty of time to mop away excess spills.

Says the company: ‘Hydro+ is available on the Ocean+ laminate collection that features impressively lifelike wood, and stone designs. From elegant oaks to rustic woods full of knots and cracks, there’s 30 original looks to suit any interior, including a stylish stone design and the unique Retro Chic tile to round things off beautifully.

‘Wood effects come in a range of natural structures to enhance the surface of the floor. The highlight is the deep wood structure, an ultra-deep embossed texture and super-matt finish that brings the knots and cracks of grains to life. In more classic looks, BerryAlloc turns to its wood and real wood structures.’

The collection is made of four different specifications: Ocean 8 V4, Ocean 8 XL, Ocean 12 V4 and Ocean 12 XL so they can be enjoyed in all sizes of room and in homes and businesses.

Continues the company: ‘Despite its 100% water-resistance, maintaining Ocean+ is no different than any other BerryAlloc laminate. A tough and highly scratch-resistant surface fights off the signs of daily life, requiring nothing more than occasional maintenance. Water-resistant, fade-free, scratch-resistant, beautiful to look at and simple to look after, it ticks all the boxes of a floor made for modern life.

‘Such a range needs a great display concept and the BerryAlloc Ocean+ Beach House is arguably one of the industry’s best examples. The in-store concept has been created to reflect the brand’s Ocean+ campaign that tells a story of the bo-ho chic beach wedding. Translating the laminate collection’s hydro+ water-resistant technology into a clear proposition, it’s a clever approach that really sets the brand apart.’

Centred around three toaster racks that display the collection’s 30 decors, as well as an additional module that shows the two plank sizes and thickness, the Ocean+ Beach House is described by the company as an impressive pagoda-style lit structure that comes with a range of additional features. ‘From a surfboard carrying the collection’s main USPs, to a comfy lounge chair, vases with dried flowers and plants; everything is included to create a laidback summer vibe all-year-round.’

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