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‘Inspirational’ floors with BerryAlloc displays

WITH various ranges of display options available, BerryAlloc gives retailers of all sizes the chance to enter its world of floors.

From Ocean+ 100% water-resistant and Chateau herringbone laminate collections to Pure and Live vinyl planks and tiles, high pressure floors, parquet and Wall&Water wall panels, BerryAlloc gives a world of possibilities for homes, says the company. With quality, variety, durability, longevity, and ease of installation, BerryAlloc reportedly has a solution for every space.

BerryAlloc says: ‘In store, the BerryAlloc brand is distinct with a striking visual language that has established the brand as a premium offering. And with a range of display solutions, from toasters right through to shop-in-shop concepts and customisable brand corners, every retailer can take advantage. Each display solution is designed to showcase every BerryAlloc floor and communicate the reasons to buy from the collection.

‘For example, full collections of High-Pressure Floors and Ocean+ laminate flooring can be displayed across three toaster displays that combine for a solution. With graphic areas that communicate everything customers need to know about the collection, as well as a long plank display that demonstrates different sizes and thickness of planks, these displays are a way to bring high-end branding to store.’

Brand corners are a fully customisable option for retailers, with a large back panel graphic and supporting toaster racks that can feature any collection. Bringing a high-quality look across a minimal footprint, brand corners are a flexible option that can be switched to promote new collections without having to change footprint, says the company. Simply ‘hot swap’ the graphics and samples in the toaster rack for a completely new display without disruption.

Scott Arundell, sales director, says: ‘Our displays are made with retailers and their customers in mind. Compact and flexible, yet capable of truly showing off the beauty in every floor and communicating the reasons to buy and capturing the mood of each collection, they give the chance for all stores to enter the world of BerryAlloc.’

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