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Interface’s new collection ‘weaves country into carpet’

INTERFACE has introduced five designs of carpet tile that explore the land’s deep connections with Australian’s First Nations people.

With an ever-increasing consciousness of the need to connect with nature, we look to the land’s traditional custodians for guidance. The Upon Common Ground collection centres on exploring place and the deep connection First Nations people have to it.

Says the company: ‘Interface seeks to learn from the history and cultural significance of the land and understand our role in contributing to the development of healthy natural environments and productive communities – and in doing this, we will contribute to a sustainable future for all.

‘Developed as part of a seven-year project in Australia, in partnership with the European design teams, and delivering a natural evolution of our biophilic design, this collection reflects Interface’s unique design ethos, our commitment to walk new paths (pioneering) and to create positive impact.’

The colour range in Upon Common Ground
represents five key habitats of country namely Desert, Saltwater, Rainforest, Freshwater and Spinifex. Each palette includes warm neutrals and subtle accent colours that exude the beauty and uniqueness of each region, says the company.

‘Upon Common Ground is a collection of five biophilic-inspired carpet tile designs that capture the earth’s natural beauty.

‘Sandbank, Shallows and Undulating Water draw inspiration from the waterways textured sands and the layering effects of ripples in shallow and deep water. Together they create a seamless and subtle transition from the base organic pattern in Sandbank to heightened texture and colour movement in both Shallows and Undulating Water.

‘Dry Bark encapsulates the naturally furrowed character of wise and weathered tree bark. It comes in a neutral and accent palette and is a great companion to the collection.

‘Escarpment is the foundational style in this collection as it captures the beautiful earthy details of centuries old stone cliffs. This workhorse style is ideal for any large floorplate application. The collection is made with 100% recycled solution-dyed nylon and is carbon neutral through our Carbon Neutral Floors programme.’

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