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INTRAsystems launches ‘superfast moisture-absorbing matting fibre’

‘INNOVATIVE material technology that wicks water off shoes and wheels three times faster than standard entrance matting (then evaporates just as quickly)’, is said to be just one of the ‘exciting features’ defining INTRAsystems’ new fibre insert option, INTRAlux Ultimate.

Building owners and facilities managers want to reduce the risk of slips and cut the cost of cleaning bills by ensuring less dirt and water gets tracked into entrance lobbies on wet, rainy days (which number about 170 per year on average in the UK).

Says INTRAsystems: ‘INTRAsystems’ new Ultimate fibre is a perfect choice. The quick-acting fibre comes in a suite of colours and offers a PVC-free option too for environmental credentials that take entrance matting performance to a whole new level.’

A new range of fibres
In fact, with the launch of INTRAlux Ultimate, INTRA says it took the opportunity to improve and expand its entire fibre collection, with three completely new fibres to give clients what it describes as a well-rounded solution for every entrance mat requirement.

‘Hitting commercial wear classifications 32-33, each insert option has been mindfully designed to tick every box and overcome the common challenges faced in commercial entrance environments.’

Colour and style
Continues the company: ‘As INTRAsystems entrance matting advocates have come to expect, design style has been fully factored into the new range, alongside a choice of functional variations. Customer response to the breadth of choice has been extremely positive.’

Like Elite, Ultimate features what’s described as a considered and contemporary colour palette and takes its influence from shades found in nature. Clients have nine colours to choose from, including warming tones of Sandstone and Terracotta, and earthy hues of Truffle and Forest Green. There’s also a choice of three greys, ranging from a brown-based Anthracite to the lighter green hints of Lichen, while Night Sky and Ruby introduce black and red colour profiles, respectively.

The company says INTRAlux Ultimate is its fastest absorbing, most sustainable entrance fibre yet. ‘Of the three new additions to the INTRAlux fibre range, Ultimate is the go-to solution for market-leading performance across the board – designed to meet the most demanding specifications where moisture removal is the priority.

‘The ability to draw moisture off three times quicker than other fibres, makes this INTRAsystems’ most technically innovative entrance matting yet, providing an unbeatable rate of moisture absorption to significantly reduce surface water accumulation.

‘Moisture-combatting ability is coupled with high, Bfl-s1 fire resistance and robust scraping action. But the benefits don’t stop there. The team is rightly proud of the fibre’s impressive sustainability credentials too.’

Each colour in the range is said to be woven from 100% Econyl regenerated nylon yarn, as you’d expect from a high-performance fibre.

Continues the company: ‘What’s new and unique however is INTRAsystems’ new PureBase option. This is a PVC-free backing, thus completely avoiding the use of environmentally harmful softeners and plasticisers and with a significantly lower environmental impact, from manufacture through to end-of-life disposal.’

Together, says the company, this results in an entrance matting solution that’s 100% sustainable; a key commercial focus as businesses seek to lessen their carbon footprint, adhere to stricter building regulations, and take a proactive role in the fight against climate change.

What other entrance matting fibres are available in the new INTRAlux range? Says the company: ‘Elite maintains its place in the range, with excellent dirt-scraping credentials. It’s composed of a combination of course and fine Econyl monofilaments. Its robust profile ensures excellent shelf-life, even in extremely high-traffic areas. Like the Ultimate fibre range, Elite comes in a choice of nine complementary colours, including Purple, Blue and Turquoise, and several neutral tones.

‘Complementing Ultimate and Elite, the revised INTRAlux collection includes five additional fibre options, to suit every budget and application.’

Hotel luxury
At the lower traffic end-of-the-range, Prestige is a soft walk-off entrance carpeting fibre, said to be perfect for hotels and spaces where comfort and absorption are a priority.

The company says: ‘Like Ultimate, the Prestige fibre option is manufactured from pure Econyl and available to specify with PureBase PVC-free backing, so it’s also 100% sustainable with a significantly lower environmental impact. Density wise, as you’d expect, it’s a high-pile fibre, with a Cfl-s1 fire rating and class 32 wear rating.’

‘Options to suit every budget’
Finally, where a more restricted budget is driving the entrance matting specification, look no further than the INTRAlux Linear and Select fibres, says the company. ‘A practical colour palette of anthracite, black and two greys, make both styles a cost-effective option.

‘The textured, linear option remains in range; woven from naturally stain resistant polypropylene in a looped pile finish, while Select is made from Econyl and woven into cut-pile fibres that promote excellent dirt and moisture retention. As with Elite and Ultimate, Linear and Select fibres can both be supplied in recommended recessed matting systems.’

Concludes INTRA: ‘For customers wanting a tiled format, Premier completes the new line-up, combining a 50x50cm square tile format made with Econyl: appropriate for commercial applications up to class 33. All INTRA products come with the assurance of a full warranty and after-sales support.

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