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IVC Commercial’s ‘affordable new carpet tile’

LIGHT Art is the ‘affordable’ new carpet tile from IVC Commercial, with ‘designs that express the interplay between natural light and woven textiles,’ says the company.

The changing hues and balances of cast daylight are said to bring new meaning to the woven organic textiles that inspire Light Art, the new carpet tile from IVC Commercial that’s available in two mix-and-match designs.

The company says: ‘In Flare, flashes of bright highlight give structure to its woven effect. Striated highs express light’s influence broken by shadows that bring depth to a floor design with dynamic texture. Reflect is a design where light casts organic flows across its woven-like texture, expressing light’s ability to expose and conceal, for a sense of natural movement.

Flare and Reflect are available in eight mix-and-match colourways, so you can design layouts which is said by the company to respond to the needs of today’s agile office interiors in a carpet tile that’s affordable. With grey, blue, green and natural tones, Light Art’s colours are ‘highly functional and adaptable to most design schemes.’ Made from solution-dyed nylon, Light Art is said to be colourfast and lightfast, as well as stain-resistant.

Jeroom Van Lindt, product manager of carpet tiles who’s been involved in the development of Light Art says: ‘Natural light plays an important part in how we perceive space, colour and texture and we wanted to explore this in Light Art. Flare and Reflect show the two extremes of light’s influence on surfaces, stark and subtle and are designed to be flexible in how they can be used in the space.’

Thanks to manufacturing innovation, IVC Commercial says it’s been able to create the designs in a low-pile weight that delivers performance, with achieving a Class 33 wear classification. The company adds: ‘The low weight reduces the amount of yarn and so the environmental footprint of the carpet tile nylon yarn is the most significant material contributor to environmental footprint.’

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