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IVC ‘sets the tempo’ with heterogenous vinyl floor

IVC Commercial says its Tempo range is a heterogenous vinyl floor with premium aesthetics. Tempo, it says, brings design integrity to projects that need the installation, cost, durability, and maintenance advantages of heterogeneous vinyl floors from IVC Commercial.

Continues the company: ‘In authentic wood, concrete and terrazzo floor finishes, Tempo features a varied structure, crystal clear print, a super matt finish and sharp v-grooves to add definition. The look is impressively authentic and certainly raises the bar for sheet vinyl flooring. The result is a great looking floor that provides projects with a seamless solution that has excellent wear-resistance and ease of cleaning.

‘Because of its multiple widths and sheet format, Tempo is a fast installation proposition. With IVC Commercial’s Invisiweld technology, it can maintain its visual integrity with an imperceptible join that is also stronger and less prone to failure than hot weld installation. The Hyperguard+ finish reduces marks and allows for a simple care regime, ensuring Tempo’s premium aesthetics stay looking good even under heavy use.’

Overcoming many of the issues that make the use of wood, concrete, or terrazzo floor finishes problematic in certain projects, such as affordability and maintenance, Tempo reportedly makes good design easier to implement.

‘Made in Belgium in some of the world’s most efficient flooring factories, it’s a high-quality solution that’s ideal for a broad range of projects.’

Evelyne Aelbrecht, product manager heterogeneous vinyl, IVC Commercial: ‘The development of Tempo has seen us fuse the premium look of LVT with the practicality of heterogenous vinyl. Product development such as this is only possible because of our expertise in vinyl flooring. Making all our products in Europe and with disciplines operating together at the Flooring Development Centre, we can share ideas and look for ways to create new products, just like Tempo, that solve the challenge of making great design more accessible.’

Tempo reportedly achieves a Class 33 usage rating and R10 slip-restraint. Available in two, three and four-metre widths, it’s said to be widely stocked in the UK.

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