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‘LION Floor strengthens grip’

THE reported growing demand for LION Floor is now being answered by a network of distributors and stockists across the UK. LION Floor is described as the cost-effective and sustainable alternative to flooring grade plywood. ‘And now with easier and faster access from a growing network of distributors and stockists, it’s also the obtainable alternative. with no long shipping times – it’s made in Finland – and plentiful raw materials – using locally sourced wood by-products – supply is rarely an issue, so you’ll always find LION Floor close by.’

The reported rapid growth in availability has been noted by the company, as Peter Jones of LION Floor manufacturer Finnish Fibreboard says: ‘We’ve seen a dramatic rise in interest in LION Floor not just with flooring installers looking for a cost-effective and reliable alternative to flooring grade plywood, but also with distributors and stockists.

‘While much of this will come down to LION Floor’s growing reputation as an easy-to-use alternative, there are also benefits from its Finnish manufacturing, including a supply chain that’s less prone to delays and with a far lower carbon footprint than that of cross continent shipping. This reliable and regular supply of consistent quality product also means contractors and specifiers benefit from ready availability, knowing every time they pick up a LION Floorboard it will be a trusted part of the installation.’

The company concludes: ‘LION Floor is also enjoying growth outside of the contract and retail flooring industry, finding new routes to market through builders’ merchants and other trade distribution channels. With a growing audience of flooring professionals, builders and DIYers finding the simplicity and reliability of LION Floor an attractive alternative to flooring grade plywood, the company is looking forward to becoming the number one choice in British Standard compliant fabricated underlays.’

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