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Make a lasting change for the better in 2024, says LION Floor

As the doors open on 2024, LION Floor asks if it’s time to try something new.
‘With many resolutions already left at the wayside and Dry January and Veganuary behind us, is it now time to try something new that will make your working day easier? By switching to LION Floor beneath your resilient floor installations, you can benefit from an alternative to plywood that’s easy to fit, more cost-effective, more reliable and better for the environment.’

The company says: ‘Suitable for all resilient floor installations, and compliant with BS 8203:2017, LION Floor is the first fabricated underlay designed for flooring. Suitable for domestic and commercial environments, it provides a smooth, flat and lasting subfloor. LION Floor is also oil-tempered for better protection against moisture, withstands higher point loads than plywood boards and is pre-conditioned so there’s no need for wetting before use.’

‘LION Floor makes sense for anyone who wants to deliver a high-quality resilient floor installation,’ says Peter Jones, Finnish Fibreboard. ‘It’s been tested extensively with leading feather finishes, smoothing compounds and adhesives by FloorSkills and is recommended for use with Bostik’s Cempolay range, so you can be confident it’ll perform. It can also be cut with a knife or a power saw just like plywood. What’s more, it’s widely and consistently available and more cost-effective than BS 8203 compliant plywood boards.’

The company continues: ‘The environmental performance of LION Floor also stands out. The boards are made by Finnish Fibreboard in Finland, using by-product from local wood processing industries. Proven by its third-party verified EPD (environmental performance declaration) in-line with international standards, LION Floor has a significantly lower GWP (global warming potential) than European made plywood. The EPD (HUB-0633) can be publicly accessed on epdhub.com.’

Concludes the company: ‘Alongside its ease of use, high strength and lower environmental impact, with a construction that eliminates the core gaps and overlaps commonly found in plywood, LION Floor is the reliable way to make a lasting change for the better in 2024.’

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