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‘Make more of herringbone with IVC Commercial’

MODULEO Roots 55 Herringbone is the luxury vinyl herringbone floor from IVC Commercial. ‘With a natural look and texture and a performance construction, Moduleo Roots 55 brings interiors closer to nature with a floor finish that’s durable and easy to look after,’ says the company.

‘Now, with Moduleo Roots Herringbone, projects can benefit from the quality and affordability of IVC Commercial’s Belgian-made LVT floors in two dry-back herringbone plank formats.
Moduleo Roots 55 Herringbone is the ideal solution for housing developments and commercial offices wanting a herringbone look in a finish that needs to deliver a tough and easy-to-look-after floor.’

The company continues: ‘Herringbone Classic (40.6 x 10.7cm) is described as a versatile plank that’s suitable for housing projects, while Herringbone Short (63.2 x 15.8cm) stops large areas looking too busy. Both sizes are available in a range of natural wood looks, matched to Moduleo Roots 55 standard planks. Selected designs are also available with EIR (embossed in register), where the texture mimics the wood grain pattern for improved realism.’

The company adds: ‘Every Moduleo floor is designed and made in-house, so every aspect of its quality can be controlled. Moduleo LVTs feature up to 30% recycled content from production waste, processed in the industry’s largest in-house PVC recycling facility.

Using IVC Commercial’s ReCover programme can also ensure installation waste is recovered and recycled.

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