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‘Make the move to LION Floor’

WHEN a high quality resilient floor installation is needed, LION Floor says it’s the readily available replacement for plywood and HDF subfloors.

Made to provide a suitable substrate for the installation of resilient flooring and reportedly suitable for BS 8203 installations, LION Floor is a pre-conditioned engineered fibreboard that’s said to be readily available from distributors and stockists across the United Kingdom.

Says the company: ‘With a construction that eliminates core gaps and overlaps commonly found in plywood, LION is denser, more rigid, yet just as easy to install. It can be cut cleanly with a knife or saw and it’s arguably even easier to achieve a high quality flooring installation with LION Floor at your side.

‘Pre-conditioned to eliminate wetting before installation, fixed with ring shank nails and proven compatible with the most popular screeds and feather compounds, there’s no longer a reason to choose BS 8203 compliant plywood. Owing to a rapid growth in availability, flooring contractors and installers can now enjoy a reliable supply of LION Floor preconditioned engineered fibreboard, ensuring whatever the scale of project, there’s a cost-effective alternative to flooring grade plywood.’

The company continues: ‘Because it’s made in Finland from locally sourced wood by-products, LION Floor has a simpler supply chain that’s less prone to delays than the cross-continent shipping needed for flooring grade plywood. This reliable and regular supply, along with excellent product quality and consistency, means installers can trust the LION Floor name.’

Peter Jones, Finnish Fibreboard, says: ‘With the end of summer in sight, attention will soon be turning to one of the busiest times for flooring installers and contractors. In these peak times, what really matters is being able to deliver a great installation quickly and cost-effectively. Delays because of lack of quality materials can not only lead to compromises, but also to disappointed customers and a backlog that seems difficult to overcome.

‘By choosing LION Floor for your installations, you can avoid all these worries. High quality, reliable and more cost-effective than BS 8203 plywood, it’s also readily available from reputable suppliers, so you can always trust in LION Floor for your resilient floor installs.’

LION Floor is supplied in standard sheet sizes and comes in a 4.8mm thickness – the recommended thickness to replace a 6mm plywood according to BS8203 & CFA.

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